Major ATV Adventure

Where is there to go and what can we see…?

The weather has been quite rainy this spring here in Northeast Maine, but Memorial Day weekend we had an amazingly beautiful Sunday; perfect for an ATV ride. We were six all together, with two quads and two side by sides… leaving the Lodge ready for adventure and lunch at Jack’s Snack Shack. Our first stop was at the Unknowns, followed by a quick stop at Duck Lake. In addition to a rest stop for ATVers, these areas offer fishing and swimming for the day or overnight camping.

From there we continued to head towards Nicatous. When we arrived at Jack’s Snack Shack, it was no surprise to see that we weren’t the only folks with cabin fever. We enjoyed a fabulous lunch and continued on to Grand Lake Stream.

At Grand Lake Stream we parked the machines and took a walk around, checking out the dam, the beautiful boat house, and saw some fly fishermen. The Pine Tree Store was a convenient stop for gas right around the corner, but you can grab a drink, lunch, or various other sundries there.

Our last stop before heading home was Vinegar Hill, a little known gem where “the trail ends.” Picture perfect, we took in the view as the sun started to make its way down. Great fun with great friends… another one for the collection of ‘memories made here‘.

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